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As time goes by, you noticed blue screen messages, active x errors, windows start up errors, windows explorer errors, corrupt registry files, and computer software loading very slow.
Not many people know about the computer’s registry, a computer’s registry is like a phone directory or a file cabinet. When a computer needs something from a file, it first goes to the computer’s registry and then accesses the information to accomplish that file. If a computer’s registry ever has errors it can cause many problems for your computer, it can slow your performance of your computer, it can cause your computer not to function at the most best speed. The computers registry does not just get a ton of computer errors over night. This happens over time, when people get so frustrated with the computer’s regirty errors, some feel like throughing the computer out the window. Many people try anti virus software, and others try disk scan. People notice, the software did not do nothing, many people would love to see there computers fast again.

There is a way to get your computer up to speed, it is called a registry cleaner, registry cleaners have been around for many years. The purpose of the registry cleaner is to clean the clutter or errors in a computers registry. Cleaning a computers registry will increase the speed of your computer. It will also get rid of those nagging stubbling block errors in the computer’s registry.

There are many registry cleaners out there. Wich one should you pick, I myself have tried a few registry cleaners, I have picked one registry cleaner that has been really reliable and that is Wise Fixer!

The Pros of Wise Fixer

1. Scans the computer’s registry deep and fixes other registry errors of the computer.

2. Has a Evidence Cleaner wich deletes files and cleans the cache, cookies, and the history from your internet browser.

3. Has a Junk File Cleaner wich removes junk files from your computer and frees up more space on your hard drive.

4. It has a System Optimize section in wich you can choose to optimize certain applications or services on your computer.

5. Has a system fix wich includes features to help increase the speed in your computers system.

6. Has a file splitter wich splits large files into smaller files.

7. Has a backup feature wich includes backing up your registry and more features.

8. Easy to install and safe to use.

9. Has a 60 day money back guarantee.

10. There is Technical Support if you have any questions

The Cons of Wisefixer

1. It cost more than other registry cleaners

2. Sofware only works with Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003/2008 32 and 64 bit Systems

As I was saying before I have used many registry cleaners, one registry cleaner messed up my computer, another one put a spyware on my computer. Then there was one that made my computer’s registry even worst, it was like my computer would not load up at all. That is no lie, I thought my computer was not going to load up again.


If you choose a registry cleaner make sure you do your research before you buy one.

Conclusion, after using many Registry Cleaners, I pick Wise Fixer the best registry cleaner on the market. Give it a try, you will be happy to see the performance of your computer

You can learn more about WiseFixer here

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